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Flaming Jet Dragon: pincha para ampliar

Flaming Jet Dragon:

*  Speed attacker (This creature doesn't get summoning sickness.)

*  Thrilling Three: Dragon (When this creature comes into play, reveal the top 3 cards from your deck. For each Dragon revealed, activate the following Thrillingthree.gif ability once. Afterward, put the revealed cards on the bottom of your deck in any order.)

Thrillingthree.gif During this turn, this creature breaks an additional Shield.

  • Collector Number: P49-Y5
  • Rarity: Promotional
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Armored Dragon
  • Power: 5000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Artist: â–  Eiji Kaneda (
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