juegos : Future Card Buddyfight : X Start Deck 2: Dragon Fielder
Visible Light: pincha para ampliar

Visible Light:

Put the top two cards of your deck into the gauge. Then, if you have 8 life or more, put the top card of your deck into the gauge.

As if rejecting the very notion of fading away, this new light in the heart pulses fiercely.

  • Card Number: X-SD02-0010
  • Rarity: C
  • Card Type: Spell
  • World: Star Dragon World
  • Attributes: Charge
Rarezas: C = Commún; UC = Infrecuente;
R = Rara; RR = Doble Rara;
RRR = Triple Rara;
BR = Buddy Rara; SP = Special Parallel
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