juegos : Cardfight!! Vanguard : G Booster Set 11: Demonic Advent
Pulsar, Drastic Colosus: pincha para ampliar

Pulsar, Drastic Colosus:

[AUTO][Choose 1 card from your hand, and discard it] When this card is placed on (VC), you can pay the cost. If you do, reveal the top 3 cards of your Deck, and choose up to 2 Gear Colossus or Zodiac Time Beast among them, add 1 of them to your hand, bind the other face-up, and put the remaining cards into the Drop Zone.

[AUTO](VC): When your G Unit Stride, you can draw 1 card. If you do, choose 1 card from your hand, Bind it face-up, choose 1 of your Vanguards, for each of your cards in the Bind Zone, during that turn, it gains Power+1000.

  • Number: 023
  • Rarity: RR
  • Clan: Gear Chronicle
  • Nation: Dark Zone
  • Race: Gear Colossus / Zodiac Time Beast
  • Power: 11000
  • Grade / Skill: Grade 3 / Twin Drive!!
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