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Tempest, Shokushi: pincha para ampliar

Tempest, Shokushi:

[D Share] (All cards with [D Share] on your field get the following "D".)
"D" During your turn, this card gets power+2000!

Don't underestimate weaker powers banded together.

  • Card Number: S-SD03-0006
  • Rarity: C
  • Card Type: Monster
  • World: Ancient World
  • Power: 2000
  • Defense: 2000
  • Critical: 2
  • Monster Size: 1
  • Attributes: Linkdragon Order
Rarezas: C = Commún; UC = Infrecuente;
R = Rara; RR = Doble Rara;
RRR = Triple Rara;
BR = Buddy Rara; SP = Special Parallel
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